Post Bulletin Reporter John Molseed

John Molseed

Entertainment Reporter

John Molseed joined the Post Bulletin in 2018. He covers arts, culture, entertainment, nature and other fun stories he's surprised he gets paid to cover.

John studied Journalism and Japanese at the University of Iowa after flipping through a course catalog and stopping at the letter "j." When he's not writing articles about Southeast Minnesota artists and musicians, he's either picking banjo, brewing beer, biking or looking for other hobbies that begin with the letter "b."

Readers can reach John at 507-285-7713 or

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Award winning actor and director's grandmother ran the iconic motel which was demolished 10 years ago this year.
The COVID pandemic spurred renewed interest in childhood toys and collectibles, but for how long?
Former Rochester resident Elli Rowe played an original song in front of the celebrity judges in Nashville.
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A juvenile bald eagle was brought to an animal rehabilitation center in La Crosse, Wisconsin after being hit more than 80 miles away.
Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota prepares to help resettle up to 16 families in the community.
Conservationists say plans for restoring prairie will keep Blanding's turtles off the road and help the struggling population.
Community leaders wait for cues to help as emergency needs of evacuees from Afghanistan are being addressed at Fort McCoy.
Parents, sister, grandmother are in the chaos of those trying to flee Taliban.
A week after leaving the Landing shelter in Rochester, Steven Wallace returned with bags of groceries; then he kept coming back with more.
Tat Erredge, 33, died in a crash in rural Goodhue County Wednesday afternoon.