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Cuyuna Lakes Visitor Guide

Welcome to the Cuyuna Lakes

The towns and communities of Crosby, Ironton, Deerwood, Cuyuna, Trommald, Emily, Riverton and Bay Lake are glad you’re interested in visiting and we are excited to have you as our guest. While you’re here, remember this outdoor destination has been in the works for generations.

Some weekend, when you’ve climbed to the top of Miner’s Mountain, tip your hats to the men and women of steel, who dug the earth, and uncovered the minerals that built the backbone of this great country. Without their toil, sacrifice and sweat, we wouldn’t have this great nation to call home. And, we certainly would not have trails worthy of national acclaim.

This is a place for family. A regional hub for healthcare. An excellent school district embracing technology. We’re proud to be a destination for tomorrow’s leaders and future entrepreneurs. There are very few times in life that you have the opportunity to be part of a story this big in a region this small.

We’re thankful for it, and we’re excited to bring you our story from the land we love, the land we call the Cuyuna Lakes.