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More than muskies live in the depths of the communities that make up the Brainerd lakes area.

And appearances can be deceiving. Small cities -- nestled where northern Minnesota forests begin to dominate the lake-dotted landscape -- swell to three times their size with the arrival of summer.

It's a vibrant geographic center of the state. Stories abound. Interesting. Thought-provoking. Inspiring. Challenging. From the astonishing -- an alligator basking in the warmth of a bike trail -- to life-affirming features of everyday people, to hard-hitting stories and beat coverage, our news and sports reporters cover it all.

DispatchCast is the official podcast of the Brainerd Dispatch, north-central Minnesota’s only daily newspaper, offering stories that reel you in. The Dispatch has been sharing the stories of the lives of lakes area residents since 1881, but our reporters haven't been here that long. We take journalism seriously, but ourselves -- not so much. Newsroom conversation is more likely to be centered on food and trivia than anything else.

Examining issues relevant both to area residents as well as the wider population, the podcast seeks to dive deeper into stories its award-winning reporters cover in print. It includes extended interviews, recorded speeches and looks behind the scenes of the newspaper’s production. The topics covered span across a wide range -- the focus is on excellent storytelling and offering listeners a new way to experience stories that matter to them.

With DispatchCast, we'll share the stories that stick with us, probe interesting questions and just examine life in the lakes area -- from the best banana/peanut butter/jalapeno burger experience, to serving as the public watchdog for government affairs. We do believe in the power of storytelling. And we don't take it lightly when people are generously willing to share their lives and stories with us -- in good times and in bad. On our best days, we hope to shed some light on the human experience. On our worst days, we hope to inform and connect residents with their communities. We always strive to do the best job we can.

We hope you'll join us as we explore this avenue to share the stories of this place we call home.

Welcome to DispatchCast.


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