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2018 Digital Product Portfolio

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Reach your target market:

Targeted display advertising has value at every step of the purchase process.
From surfing the web showing no purchase intentions...
to visiting a business’s website and then leaving without taking action...
Display can impact a buying decision.

•Search Behaviors
•Browsing History
•Offline Purchases
•48% of buyers spend 1-3 months researching before making their purchase.
•Research online is typically taking place on 15-30 websites

The Network:

Forum Communications Company digital network includes 46 websites across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The FCC digital network reaches over 4 million unique users with 12 million visits viewing 31 million pages of content each month.*
* Quantcast September 2015

We offer extensive audience targeting, ad sizes, creative services and delivery options to capture your target market both on the FCC network and the rest of the internet.