Brainerd Dispatch Editorial Board
The popularity of wake boats has been on the rise in recent years, and so has the controversy around them.
Memorial Day is a day in which we honor those who fought and died for our country. We encourage everyone to take time out of their weekend, even if for only a moment, to pay tribute and honor these men and women who so rightfully deserve it.
Yes, the Gichi-ziibi Center for the Arts is a Brainerd Public Schools facility, but belongs to and will be used by the entire community, for everyone to enjoy. We see the service of alcohol as amenable to the purpose of the building when it’s hosting public events not related to the school district.
With more people using our lakes comes more potential for accidents and tragedy. For that reason, we support legislation that would put more boating knowledge into more people’s hands. More education has never been a bad thing.
While we certainly can understand the draw of cleaning up outdoors, we hope people will use caution when doing so, especially when it comes to burning yard debris or other items.
The Arboretum, both in spirit and in physical location, belongs to both Brainerd and Baxter. It should remain that way. The Northland Arboretum was a cooperative venture when it was started decades ago; it didn’t matter what city it was in, the land was bought and developed with the idea of being a benefit for everyone.
Hahn will represent the students, faculty, employees, administration and residents of Brainerd Public Schools well.
On each Friday so far in April, the Dispatch told the stories of area residents who overcame obstacles of crime and addiction to better their lives and reach personal redemption. Their stories are moving and inspirational, and we hope everyone has or will take the time to read them.
We need to be patient. This cold start to spring can’t last forever, and soon the ice will be out on area lakes, the water will warm up and we can move on to more safely enjoy our lakes and rivers again.
It’s important the county has the right rules in place to protect vegetation and wetlands, which in turn protect fish and wildlife, in and around our lakes.