National Joint Powers Alliance announces the launch of its new brand name, Sourcewell, to better reflect its purpose and to position itself for ongoing local and national growth.

Founded as an Educational Cooperative Service Unit to serve Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena counties in 1978, the organization's core focus on education and schools has continued as it has expanded to serve other government entities and nonprofits in Minnesota and across the country.

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The name National Joint Powers Alliance worked well for the organization for many years, helping it expand its cooperative purchasing program across North America. With the expansion, the organization has also been able to grow locally and strategically reinvest in central Minnesota schools and communities.

After nearly two years of research and planning, NJPA officially became Sourcewell on June 6. In a world filled with acronyms, the name Sourcewell stands out and begins to describe the organization's purpose and mission.

"As we continue to grow our services regionally and throughout North America, we recognize the opportunity to rebrand under a name that better suits who we are for all members," Chad Coauette, Sourcewell executive director and CEO, said in a news release. "We strive to be a trusted partner and a valuable 'source' for information, planning and training. We are not satisfied just providing responsive solutions; we want to deliver them 'well.'"

For local communities, the name is the only change. Sourcewell's mission, vision, values and services remain the same. Membership status and contract availability will continue to operate as before.

"Every era in this organization's 40-year history has been marked by a change in branding that really reflects our mission," Travis Bautz, Sourcewell director of marketing, said in the news release. "Going forward, we're going to continue to increase our services and connectivity to our members. We have a building full of people that are inspired by the work you're doing in our communities, and we are dedicated to being an important source for you in that work. Our refreshed brand and name reflect that commitment."

The visual representation for Sourcewell is made up of a mosaic with pieces representing city streets, parks, schools and integral roads connecting them all. The orange arrow signals forward progress for the communities it serves. Sourcewell's refreshed color palette of orange and steel blue, with accent colors of olive green, teal, bright blue and violet convey energy and trustworthiness.

As part of the rebrand, Sourcewell has also unveiled a new website. Visit to learn more about the organization.