The Treehouse in Pequot Lakes will liquidate all of its greenhouses and contents at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, after nearly 30 years of service to the Pequot Lakes community.

The business, owned by the late Jim Sherwood and his partner, Curt Lindelof, went on the market after Sherwood became terminally ill. After Sherwood's death May 23, Lindelof decided to liquidate the property rather than sell it as a whole.

"We were hoping someone would buy it as a greenhouse operation," Lindelof said. "Both Jim and I were aware it can be hard to find a buyer for a larger greenhouse operation. So, we had planned if it didn't sell in a couple months to have an auction. We did that prior to his death and with Jim's illness and being his caregiver, it was just too much to do."

There is no buyer for the property yet, but given the nature of the auction there is no guarantee that the property would continue to be used as a nursery or anything else for that matter. When the auction is over, only the permanent buildings will remain.

"The property is currently up for sale," said greenhouse employee Ronda Boehne. "So far we don't have a buyer. It's a total liquidation. All the greenhouses and everything are for sale."

"Basically, all of the equipment, gift ware, greenhouses and everything but the hard buildings are being sold at the auction," Lindelof said.

Lindelof is selling the approximately 23-acre property on Patriot Avenue (former two-lane Highway 371) as a whole, though he said a buyer could purchase the back section, which has access to Sibley Lake, separately from the front. There has been some interest recently in developing that shore of the lake with residences.

Nearly 30 years ago, Sherwood and Lindelof bought the business from John McNitt. They already owned the Northern Pines Garden Centers Inc. in Pine River. They eventually also expanded to Nature's Touch in Nisswa. Today, Nature's Touch is closed and on the market. The Treehouse has also closed, leaving only G&S Plants in Pine River, which is also on the market, but still open. Lindelof and Boehne had a message for their customers who supported them over the years, even through dark times.

"We are just so grateful for the community and all the people that have supported us over the years," Boehne said. "All the customers not only for their business, but their friendship as well."

Details about Saturday's auction can be found at