Fueled by social media rumors, customers were coming up to the Dairy Queen Grill & Chill counter in the Westgate Mall and asking staff when the ice cream treat and dining spot would be closing.

Not so fast, DQ reports.

Reached at the Westgate Mall, Tina Jensen, Dairy Queen area manager, said they had to put up a (Facebook) post to quell those rumors. "So we’d like to set these rumors to rest. We are opening a new location. The Baxter DQ in the mall is not closing and will remain open."

Instead, Jensen said the current plans are to open a new full-service Dairy Queen in the former KFC location by the East Brainerd Mall. That section of the city, once with numerous vacated storefronts, is now filling up again. For Dairy Queen, the location puts them close to major traffic flow but more importantly close to neighborhoods where it will be an option to walk or bike or easily drive to the new location for a meal or DQ treat. They will also be close to hundreds of workers who may grab a bite for a meal break or pick up a DQ on the way home and close to shoppers at the nearby Cub Foods.

Currently, Jensen said they are remodeling the former KFC and expect a spring opening.

The drive-up, walk-up Dairy Queen on Washington Street will reopen for the season in February. All of which means spring is inching closer. And that is a nice warm thought on a cold stretch of days.