Northern Tool + Equipment, a supplier of high-quality tools and equipment, announced that the company will transition 60-plus team members from its Pequot Lakes contact center facility to a remote, work-at-home model.

As a result, the company will close its contact center located at 4744 Morehouse Drive. The company plans to retain all of its current contact center employees.

Northern Tool said that prior to the COVID-19 impact, the company had already transitioned nearly half of its employees from the contact center to a remote model and the COVID-19 outbreak accelerated this shift.

Northern Tool reports this operation has been efficient and has resulted in positive employee response, while helping with recruiting and staff retention. The need for the large physical location was also reduced given the decline in staff at the center due to more employees working from home.

“As we move through this change, our primary goals are to provide our team with a safe place to work and a flexible schedule as well as an improved work-life balance, and we are excited to deliver on these promises that are important to our employees here in Pequot Lakes,” Chris Erath, senior director of contact centers at Northern Tool + Equipment, said in a news release. “Our company is proud to continue to retain our local Pequot Lakes team and we look forward to continuing to support of this great community.”

Northern Tool opened the Pequot Lakes facility in October 2000. The employees at the contact center help the company facilitate inside sales and customer service.