The University of Minnesota Beef Team will host the annual Cow/Calf Days Seminar Tour and Trade Show at 10 locations across the state, including Staples, in January.

The Staples seminar and trade show event will begin at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21, at Central Lakes College, 1830 Airport Road.

This event has occurred for 47 years and continues to be the leading information, technology and research outlet for cow/calf producers in Minnesota, a news release stated.

The 2020 event will feature information on opportunities to evaluate carcass characteristics in herds, calf scours prevention, finding profit in the cow/calf sector, and management of calves before and after weaning. Updates from the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association and the Minnesota Beef Council will also highlight the event.

The corresponding trade show will feature vendors with new information, technology and products with a wide array of practical uses for the operators in the cow/calf sector.

The program is directed at cow/calf producers and allied industry representatives, and is open to the public. A meal will be served with the program; a registration fee of $10 will include the meal, proceedings book and program materials.

For more information, visit or contact Eric Mousel at 218-513-0781 or