ST. PAUL — Minnesota families who have owned their farms for at least 150 years can sign up for a commemorative certificate, outdoor sign and other honors through the Minnesota Farm Bureau’s Sesquicentennial Farm program, which has recognized more than 371 farms since it began in 2008.

To qualify, a farm's age must be backed up by official records, and one family must have owned it for 150 years or more. In 2020, that's since 1870 or earlier. Last year, an Evansville farm owned by Roger Johnson qualified.

Families do not have to have lived on the farm continuously, but ownership must be continuous. Farms should be at least 50 acres and still involved in agricultural production.

To apply, write to Sesquicentennial Farms, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation, P.O. Box 64370, St. Paul, MN 55164; email; call 651-768-2100; or visit

The deadline for application is March 2. Previously recognized families should not reapply.

To see a list of previously recognized Sesquicentennial Farms in Minnesota, visit