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RedHouseMedia changes its name to Strateligent to reflect business' purpose

RedHouseMedia changes its name to Strateligent to reflect business purpose

As they celebrate 15 years of conducting business as RedHouseMedia, the marketing and communications company is changing its name to Strateligent.

With an expanding client base in central Minnesota and new opportunities forming in the Pacific Northwest and southern California, the goal is to use a name that has the same meaning, the same story for their clients and potential clients, no matter where they live. The name was derived from their purpose statement: "Strategic growth through intelligent design."

Fifteen years ago, RedHouseMedia had its beginnings in Aaron and Beth Hautala's red house in Brainerd.

"RedHouseMedia started in a six-foot square porch," said Aaron Hautala, president and creative director of Strateligent. "Our first office was smaller than today's standard conference table. I never wanted to use Hautala as the business name, so RedHouseMedia worked well to launch the business."

There are several reasons for changing the name from RedHouseMedia--ranging from misunderstandings that may arise from the word "media," confusion about what the company does, as well as being a way to further differentiate itself from other companies that also perform tasks of "media."

However, according to Hautala, the main reason for the name change is to more closely reflect Strateligent's vision and mission of "improving the future for our clients, our community, and ourselves" while "communicating with the sole purpose of positively changing hearts and impacting minds."

"We're not in it for awards--we want to guide our clients down a path to communicate with purpose," he said. "Whether the challenges are those faced by Lake Mille Lacs or the Cuyuna area--or the goals of clients in healthcare, manufacturing, or financial markets--we will continue to be exactly who we are today as we serve these markets. We are just changing our name to better illuminate what defines us and what is our greatest reason to work with us.

"The RedHouseMedia name was cute, fun, and cozy. But I guarantee, no one has ever hired us for being cute or fun or cozy," said Hautala. "Cute, fun, and cozy dont deliver growth, recruitment/retention, alignment of culture, or success. Strateligent does and has and will continue to do so because it's a highly strategic approach. When combined with our clients, our technology, and our tools, it's also very intuitive. Nothing is by chance--it's all for a purpose. Our clients' stories are the proof that our approach is working."

Clients who have benefited from the Strateligent approach range from those in healthcare and manufacturing, to recreation, tourism, local government, community agencies, craft brewing, craft meats, craft fibers, and others.

"Our business focus is rooted where our heart is--in central Minnesota--but Strateligent also positions us for distant locations," said Hautala. "Looking back at the successes we've helped accomplish in our first 15 years in business, it should be really exciting to see what we're celebrating when we turn 30!"

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