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Patent Issued for Sewer Skewer XL Sewer Vent Defroster

Patent Issued for Sewer Skewer XL Sewer Vent Defroster

Villella Products Co, LLC. recently announced that it was awarded a Patent on its New line of Sewer Skewers. The company's proprietary "Sewer Vent Defroster" product, that prevents roof top Sewer Vents, from freezing up, By the U.S. Patent Office.

The New Sewer Skewer XL, was issued U.S. Patent No. 10,024,477, and is the second model of Sewer Skewers to be patented, and differs from its predecessor in length with the "XL" denoting its extra- long length. Both products use copper conductive technology and heat from the sun to free sewer vents from ice blockage plugs, that cause harmful and smelly sewer gas back-up in homes during low sub-zero temperatures.

"The patented Sewer Skewer XL is a necessity for homeowners in all sub-zero climates," said Larry Villella, President and Founder of Villella Products Co, LLC. "Its easy to install at a minimal cost and 100% effective in protecting homes from sewer gas backup at even the coldest of temperatures."

Homeowners can simply drop the copper t-pipe into any size sewer vent and the heat from the pipe will keep their sewer vents free of ice, even at temperatures as cold as -25 degrees below Zero. The Sewer Skewer and Sewer Skewer XL can be left in year-round, so there is no risk of climbing on the roof during the icy months.

Villella Products Co, LLC. launched its line of Sewer Skewers in July of 2016 and are now shipping To Canada Customers. The product has already hit shelves in retailers such as Ace Hardware, True Value, and Acme Tools. The product can also be purchased at A demonstration video can be found on the website. All internet orders are shipped priority mail within 48 hours of being placed.

About Villella Products Co.

Villella Products Co, LLC. is a family-owned business located in Pelican Rapids, Minn., and the manufacturer/distributor of the Sewer Skewer. The company is owned and operated by Larry Villella, a 100% disabled Vietnam Era veteran, and a lifetime member of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

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