Elizabeth Leon-Guerrero joins Strateligent as graphic designer


BRAINERD - Elizabeth Leon-Guerrero has joined the Strateligent ad agency team as a graphic designer. Being based on the West Coast and attracted to working remotely, she was mainly drawn to the position due to Strateligent’s client base, which includes healthcare, education, and government - areas she naturally enjoys working with.

“It was very fulfilling to learn about the clients we have at Strateligent. Every day, I am excited to work with them,” said Leon-Guerrero. “By helping to present their messages through high-quality graphic design, I can help make a positive impact for them and their communities.”

Leon-Guerrero found early inspiration in mid-century design - from typography and typesetting, to logos and unique vintage textbooks. This led her to experiment with negative space and bold minimalism that she often incorporates into designs that are fresh and colorful.

Elizabeth considers it serendipitous for her interests in design to coincide with the work needed by Strateligent’s clients. “Putting things into perspective, how often do we get to love the work we do?” she concluded.

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