Biz Buzz: CatTale's is back on the market

Theresa Woodward, Downtown Brainerd bookstore owner, said she is looking for a new buyer for the Laurel Street bookstore after an earlier plan to sell fell through.

Exterior of CatTale's Books and Gifts.
CatTale's Books and Gifts is for sale. Owner Theresa Woodward plans to relocate and is selling the business. An earlier plan to sell to a customers recently fell through, Woodward said.
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BRAINERD — CatTale’s Books and Gifts is still looking for a new owner.

Theresa Woodward, owner of the Downtown Brainerd bookstore, said she is still looking for a buyer for her bookstore after a plan, which came together quickly last month , fell through. Woodward has owned the bookstore for about seven years and is looking to move south to St. Genevieve, Missouri, for health reasons.

In late March, Woodward said the move has a lot to do with her fibromyalgia and arthritis and trying to alleviate those symptoms without relying on medications that haven’t worked. She also was concerned about her young daughter having the same type of autoimmune symptoms and negative reaction to the cold weather.

So Woodward said they put her Brainerd home on the market and are selling the downtown Brainerd business with the plan to assist the new owner get started while also creating a sister store of sorts in Missouri with the CatTale’s name.

Woodward was a customer at CatTale’s for years before becoming its owner . She expanded the store, made interior changes and sells both new and used books, as well as orders books for customers and has a host of gift items, including children’s toys, puzzles, jewelry, and clothing.


“It's a little heartbreaking to leave everything that we've been working for,” Woodward said in March. “But at the same time, I'm limited on how much I can put into it, too. And it limits not only the business woman that I can be and the community member that I can be, but my health is limiting the parent that I can be, too.”

So for the sake of being a better mom and grandma, Woodward said she was going to take care of herself and do what she needs to in order to provide for everyone and stay healthy. Now those efforts also include finding a new buyer for the longtime book store on Laurel Street.

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