• 20 years ago (1999)

City council member Frank Asplund said it was one of the toughest votes he'd made in ten years, but when debate was finished the council voted 5-2 to expand its citywide curfew. People 15 and under have a 10 p.m. curfew. Those 16 and 17 have 11 p.m. weekdays and midnight on weekends.


  • 30 years ago (1989)

Sheriff Frank Ball and county commissioner Mary Koep locked horns over the issue of using county jail prisoners in the jail kitchen. Koep said prisoners were preparing food, replacing paid kitchen staff. Ball said no, prisoners only clean up and sweep floors.


  • 40 years ago (1979)

The county planning commission wrestled last night with the effects of a proposed gravel pit operation in Sibley Township. Neighbors argued that the high water use in the pit would lower the water table and cause problems with their wells, as well as noise and road damage.


  • 60 years ago (1959)

A 40-lb. pig on the loose in south Brainerd scared a lot of housewives and caused the phone to ring continuously at police headquarters. Following a wild chase by several patrolmen, the pig was captured. Police would like to know who owns it and why it was on the loose.


  • 80 years ago (1939)

(Adv.) Attention! The Old People's Home at 404 4th Avenue NE, Brainerd, is now open under new management. Partially remodeled. Board, lodging and washing - all for $22 per month. Visitors welcome. Nathaniel Hall, Proprietor.


  • 100 years ago (1919)

The Brainerd high school basketball team's record this season was five wins, three losses and two forfeits (from Staples and Crosby). They won twice from Aitkin and once each from St. Cloud, Crosby and Staples. The high school was closed for more than a month due to Spanish flu.