• 20 years ago (1999)

A crisp breeze blew across Mille Lacs Lake as Dale and Gwen Holmes from the Mille Lacs reservation headed off from a public access as they went to check the gill net they had placed the night before. The DNR weighed and measured their 40-pound catch. Netting by the band began in March.


  • 30 years ago (1989)

By this time next year, Dick Endres will be a Camp Confidence volunteer - a drastic switch from his 20 years as founder and president of the facility for the developmentally disabled. Endres will retire in December and Dick Mans will take over as new director.


  • 40 years ago (1979)

The Red Velvet Bar on Laurel Street, often a center of controversy with its dancing girls, has quietly transitioned to pool tables and pinball machines in the past month. Owner Dick Welliver said it wasn't pressure from city hall but rather the need to save money that prompted the change.


  • 60 years ago (1959)

A southern Minnesota pilot, whose plane may have struck a power line causing a fire south of Whitefish Lake, joined firefighters in trying to bring the fire under control. The fire was caused by sparks from an REA power line near King's Airport, south of the Peoria Store.


  • 80 years ago (1939)

The assembly rooms of the Lowell School were filled to capacity when the PTA meeting was called to order. Teachers, parents, friends and pupils gathered to say goodbye to the old school, full of memories, but soon to be replaced by a new modern building.


  • 100 years ago (1919)

A telegram was received by Mr. and Mrs. William Wood from their son, Tom "Fat" Wood, currently in Hollywood. Five-hundred pound Tom, starring in the current Chaplin film, "Sunnyside," says in the next film he will dress as a woman and play the part of Chaplin's wife.