20 years ago (1999)

They told Nick Marshall if he shot 280 out of a possible 300 on the archery range, he'd get a Dairy Queen Blizzard. With that incentive, the 7-year-old Riverside school first-grader shot a 284 and stormed into the record books, beating the previous state midget record of 263.

30 years ago (1989)

Staples-Motley senior Mark Lelwica was selected boys' swimmer of the year by the Minn. Swimming Coaches Assn. at their recent banquet. Lelwica defended his 100 freestyle title this year and placed second in the 50 free. His coach, Mel Nefstead, was a coach of the year finalist.

40 years ago (1979)

An overly enthusiastic teacher put an exclamation mark next to the "X" on his/her ballot, voiding it, and causing the BFT to fall one vote short of the necessary half of the ballots cast (215 of 429) needed to win the representation election over the BEA. A second vote will be called.

60 years ago (1959)

NP Railway president Robt. Macfarlane had good news for Brainerd residents today when he said 1,000 new rail cars would be built at the Brainerd shops after the current 500-car program is complete. That will keep employees busy until at least July 1 next year.

80 years ago (1939)

Informing salesmen for the competing companies that the city will not spend more than $10,000 on a new fire truck, the council again rejected all bids last night. The first bids were rejected in March. There were nine bids last night from seven companies and all were well over the maximum.

100 years ago (1919)

Sheriff Claus Theorin has developed a reputation as a collection agency for the county, having brought in $3,600 in back taxes last year. He starts with a friendly approach, inviting delinquents to drop in and pay at his office. If not, he eventually sends a wagon to the house, taking enough furniture or other goods to pay the tax.