The Cass County Fair in Pine River could use more exhibitors, and Susan Bye Elyea, of Backus, wants everyone to consider entering the open class.

“Kids can bring in things they have made in classes,” said Bye Elyea, who won a grand champion ribbon at last week’s fair for her lupin flowers. “Senior citizens can bring in lots of (crafts).”

Bye Elyea has been submitting baked goods, canned jellies and flowers to the open class competition for about 10 years. Though she sometimes places, she does it just to be a part of the event and to encourage others to join in.

“Whatever I have, I don't expect to win in all of them. I just like to have the exhibits here for people to see,” Bye Elyea said. “You don't have to have anything special. You just come and exhibit something. All fairgoers go through here and say we should have more exhibits. Everyone can do something. You just bring something in and it's judged and put out and you get a ribbon or a stipend for winning. I do it just for fun.”

Bye Elyea's favorite category to enter is baking. She has had great success with a special banana bread recipe in the past. There are many categories, though, and virtually anyone should be able to find something they can enter.

This year's produce entries were limited because of the weather. Bye Elyea said her own garden is behind by three weeks because of the constant rain. As a result she didn't have many canned goods to submit this year.

But there’s always next year.

This year’s county fair at the fairgrounds in Pine River ran Thursday-Sunday, June 27-30.