20 years ago (1995)

Brainerd junior Andy Rangen advanced to the state meet after a 10th place finish in the Section 7 slalom ski meet at Spirit Mountain. He is the first Warrior state entrant since 1992. Coach Jim Ruttger said the Warrior team just missed a state trip, finishing third.

30 years ago (1985)

Larry Haines, park superintendent under fire for the cutting of 29 trees in Gregory Park, got a boost today as Mayor C. Elmer Anderson vetoed a city council decision to withhold his salary hike. The park board had earlier recommended a letter of reprimand, but not withholding pay.

40 years ago (1975)

A nearly balanced city budget of $2.4 million for 1975 was adopted by the city council on a 5-2 vote with Mary Koep and Otto Heikkenen voting "no." The deficit is $60,251, but will be reduced to $20,251 when federal revenue sharing funds are included.

60 years ago (1955)

A party of scientists with a clinical interest in ice are ready to brave below-zero weather on Gull and Whitefish Lakes soon. The team of scientists from the Univ. of Michigan will study how a moving load across ice creates waves, just as waves are created on water.

80 years ago (1935)

After setting a torrid pace and holding the powerful Eveleth six scoreless for two periods, the Brainerd Aces hockey team lost a man to the penalty box. In the final two minutes of the semi-final game, Eveleth pushed over two markers for a 2-1 win in the state SERA tourney.

100 years ago (1915)

D.L. Rankin, division deputy internal revenue collector, will make Brainerd his headquarters for the new 9th District. The 12-county district includes 30 cigar factories, 6 tobacco factories, 6 breweries and a wholesale liquor house located in Brainerd.