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This Was Brainerd - June 26


20 years ago (1998)

Brainerd police have arrested a 40-year-old Brainerd man after five juveniles, who were reported missing by their families last night, were spotted wandering in a daze in Lum park this morning. A search of his house turned up a concoction of chemicals he gave the youngsters.

30 years ago (1988)

Brainerd police recovered more than $5,000 worth of stolen property - including 200 cases of beer - when they raided a duplex on Quince Street last night. Goods stolen from Rohlfing's, Clover Leaf Dairy and Old Dutch warehouses were found. Police got a tip from a suspect in another burglary.

40 years ago (1978)

Ben Thomas, veteran Pine River stock car driver, received the senior driver citation after winning a heat race at North Central Speedway. In other action, Bob England crashed his '66 Chevelle into the grandstand wall and was taken to the hospital for overnight observation.

60 years ago (1958)

There were new seasonal leaders in the walleye and sunfish divisions of Cole's Sports Shop contest. Top walleye was caught on a minnow by Harry Edwards of Nisswa, and weighing 10-12. Top sunfish weighed 1-5, caught on Lake Edward.

80 years ago (1938)

Playing hooky from his studio work and having the time of his life, Wayne Morris, the tall, blonde "Kid Galahad" of screen fame was a guest of Capt. Billy Fawcett at his Breezy Point Lodge on Pelican Lake. Morris visited Nisswa and Pequot but wasn't recognized.

100 years ago (1918)

The volunteer road crew working on Oak Street began at 7 a.m. with 13 teams and a delegation of shovelers. Both country and city folk were there, but the country group was largest. City engineer Campbell supervised and the work proceeded from the Dodd farm to the school house by noon.