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This Was Brainerd - July 2


20 years ago (1998)

A 40-year-old Brainerd man was arraigned following an incident last week where he allegedly gave a chemical substance to five juveniles. They were later found incoherent at Lum Park. Authorities have not yet been able to identify the substance.

30 years ago (1988)

Emotions ran high, but in the end Colin Hall got council approval to spend $350,000 backed by the city to buy equipment for his BITC bus manufacturing project. The vote was 5-2, the debate heated, and the council ignored advice from its attorney, its economic developer and bond counsel.

40 years ago (1978)

(Adv.) Try our Daily Specials! Monday: Double cheeseburger and fries - $1.10; Tuesday: Double burger and fries - $1.00; Wednesday: California burger and fries - $1.00; Friday: Fish and chips - $1.20. Lou's Dairy Way - 1202 S. 6th Street.

60 years ago (1958)

Last summer, John Morrison, 86, traveled to Old Crow Wing Cemetery to repair the headstone of his mother. The man and his mother are one of the last links with that area's history. Yesterday, Brainerd's Pete Humphrey discovered the headstone was gone. He doesn't know how he'll break it to Morrison.

80 years ago (1938)

Coach Bernie Bierman, Univ. of Minn. football coach, will spend his summer at Camp Lincoln for Boys on Lake Hubert and at Grand View Lodge on Gull Lake. His family is already there. Bierman will show all of last year's football game movies at Friday night programs.

100 years ago (1918)

The Wortham Carnival, which appeared in Brainerd from June 24-29 and was well received, raised $820 for the park board. After expenses for electric current, labor and extra police details, the net came to $677 into the park board treasury.