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This Was Brainerd - July 6


  • 20 years ago (1998)

Bill Grange is an Arts in the Park veteran. The art teacher at Brainerd High School has been exhibiting at the event for 30 years, missing only once. Grange said Dutch Cragun asked him to set up an exhibit at the resort in 1968, and the event just took off from there.

  • 30 years ago (1988)

Councilman Frank McCarthy, who had been reluctant to approve a city administrator position, changed his mind, making it the necessary unanimous council vote to change the city charter. Voters could still challenge the change by demanding a public vote in the next 90 days.

  • 40 years ago (1978)

Seven women and five men wrestled today with whether accused murderer Roger Caldwell, 44, was guilty of murder or the victim of a frame-up. The jury in the 12-week trial will decide if he murdered his mother-in-law to speed up his wife's expected $8.2 million inheritance.

  • 60 years ago (1958)

Estimates to repair the Laurel Street bridge almost doubled over night when it was discovered the piers supporting it were faulty. The piers are resting on wooden cribs filled with crushed rock, and some of the rock has washed out.

  • 80 years ago (1938)

The Chicago district attorney said he has learned that court-appointed attorneys for John Henry Seadlund will take no further action to save him from the electric chair. Seadlund, a native of Ironton, is the confessed kidnap slayer of a Chicago businessman.

  • 100 years ago (1918)

A man from Brainerd - name unknown - was hit over the head in Little Falls last evening and robbed of $15 and a gold watch. A woman, who saw the event from her back porch, called her husband at work at the train depot but he arrived too late to catch the thief.