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This Was Brainerd - Sept. 9


  • 20 years ago (1998)

A long-awaited draft of a loitering ordinance made its way before the city council in response to youths loitering downtown, and city attorney Tom Fitzpatrick believes it will stand up to a constitutional challenge. A section of it charges parents with responsibility actions of minor children.

  • 30 years ago (1988)

Smoke from western forest fires clouded skies over Brainerd, pushed by a high pressure system and giving the sky an orange cast. Six local DNR men and 15 "smoke eaters," some from the Brainerd Fire Dept., are on the fire lines in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

  • 40 years ago (1978)

Tragedy was averted at a Pillager area home this morning when a man saved himself and his three children from a burning home. The man and his 2-year-old son are hospitalized with burns. Witnesses said the man ran through the burning home to save his children.

  • 60 years ago (1958)

Season winners in the Cole's Sports Shop fishing contest are: Muskie - 33 pounds from Leech Lake; Northern - 22-13 at Mitchell Lake; Walleye - 10-12 out of Middle Cullen; Largemouth - 6-11.5 from Ponto Lake; Smallmouth - 5-8 at Ruth Lake; Crappie - 2-6 at Lake Edward.

  • 80 years ago (1938)

(Adv.) Under New Management! The Rainbow Tavern presents for your nightly entertainment - John Morgan's Cavaliers. Featuring the "Flat Foot Floozie Trio," "Little Joe" on the trumpet, and "Eddie and His Jazzbo Whistle." Modern swing music at the Rainbow.

  • 100 years ago (1918)

In a fit of jealousy, Mike Peterson fired a revolver at his ex-wife near midnight on Saturday, the bullet flying wild. He then shot Claude Winter through the jaw before turning the .38 revolver on himself, committing suicide with a shot to the brain. He had tried suicide last year.