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This Was Brainerd - Oct. 12


  • 20 years ago (1998)

The county board tonight is expected to vote to change the coroner's position from an elected one to an appointed position, effective when Dr. Dick Rottschafer's term ends in January 1999. Rottschafer said, "I see no need for it. I don't totally understand it."

  • 30 years ago (1988)

Had it been a popularity contest, MacMillan Bloedel would have won, hands down. But it was a public information meeting called by the county board to discuss a wood products plant the firm is proposing to build near Deerwood. A large majority of the 200 people attending supported the plant.

  • 40 years ago (1978)

Already fed up with noise from BIR, nearby residents turned out in force last night to protest a go-cart track at a proposed amusement center to be located on Hwy 371 about a quarter-mile from BIR. County board action was postponed until the applicant can gather data on go-cart noise.

  • 60 years ago (1958)

The Brainerd Junior College Red Raiders, pounded by conference foes for seasons on end, had some fun teaching fundamentals to Pillsbury College for a 33-0 homecoming win Saturday. It was Brainerd's first win since the 1956 season.

  • 80 years ago (1938)

O.W. Newman, of Northeast Brainerd, secured a second identification tag from a game bird within one week, shooting a 3.5 pound mallard drake with a 1936 tag. Like the tag from a pintail he shot last week, it will be sent to Washington, DC for the biological survey.

  • 100 years ago (1918)

Following a meeting of doctors, health officials and the school board, Dr. R.A. Beise, Brainerd mayor, has taken special action to prevent spread of the Spanish influenza. All theaters, schools, churches, and other public gatherings are ordered closed. The situation will be reviewed in a week.