• 20 years ago (1999)

A two-day snowmobile race in Garrison brought many people to the area and kept emergency responders and law officers hopping.Two people went to hospitals after snowmobile accidents, 13 were arrested for snowmobiling under the influence and many warnings were written.


  • 30 years ago (1989)

If Baxter city councilman Ron Kristofferson has his way, Baxter will soon follow the lead of sister city Brainerd in hiring a full-time administrator. "A lot is happening," he said. "The city is growing, and we need an administrator."


  • 40 years ago (1979)

A three-member hearing panel has upheld the firing of former city dogcatcher Robert Holden, Jr. He had been let go a year ago when Police Chief Wayne Hasty charged him with violating radio protocols and falsely reporting his whereabouts.


  • 60 years ago (1959)

Sometimes firemen have to answer calls other than fires. When the pre-school daughter of Marlene Besaw locked herself in the bathroom, mom tried for three hours to get the door open. Then she called firemen, who used a pry bar to rescue the tot. They also disabled the lock.


  • 80 years ago (1939)

Ed Nelson, Oak Lawn Township, purchased his 1939 auto license plates from the license bureau office yesterday. And what's so unusual about that? Well, after waiting in line, Nelson received new plates from the top of the pile, showing 166-603, the exact numbers on his 1938 plates.


  • 100 years ago (1919)

The fine lake property between Round and Gull Lakes, once owned by J.M. Elder, is now owned by John Nash of St. Paul. He has named it Nashotah, an Indian word meaning "Twin Lakes." He will greatly improve it for a summer home and will establish a deer park there.