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This Was Brainerd - March 29


  • 20 years ago (1999)

For 38 years when the radiator sputtered or the air conditioner spit, employees at St. Joseph's Medical Center looked no farther than Bert Tougas to repair the problem. With his retirement the worry is, "Who will tell us where all the old pipes and wires are buried," said Sister Vivian Arts.

  • 30 years ago (1989)

Leaders of MEA, the state teachers union, met in Brainerd to address the efforts of a business coalition that is trying to get Gov. Perpich to cut back his proposed $1.9 billion budget increase. MEA maintains that cuts of that size would mean the loss of 62 teachers in the Brainerd school system.

  • 40 years ago (1979)

The Nov. 25 sniper shooting of the Brainerd police station in city hall came to a climax in District Court when Kenneth Doust, 19, admitted that he fired seven shots at the building in an attempt to scare desk officer Randy Bush. He told the court he'd been to a party and taken drugs.

  • 60 years ago (1959)

(Adv.) This Week's Special! Cox's Sour Cream Muffins - topped with cinnamon and pecans - doz. 33 cents. Also, Cox's Enriched White Bread - 2 1-1/2 lb. loaves for 29 cents. Potato Bread - 2 1-lb. loaves 25 cents. Cox's New System Bakery - 604 Laurel Street.

  • 80 years ago (1939)

(Adv.) Formal Grand Opening of "Club 502" (formerly King's Korner) on Wednesday evening, March 29 at 7:30 p.m. Under the new management of Frank Jarboe. Free Beer Wednesday Night!

  • 100 years ago (1919)

Dog poisoners are again at work in Brainerd, using strychnine. In cases where a veterinarian is promptly called he has been able to save several animals. Postmaster H.P. Dunn's shepherd was saved, as was Duncan Carbine's little black dog, Tobie. There were several others saved, but some died.