• 20 years ago (1999)

While politicians at the state level argue about various plans to return part of a huge budgetary surplus to taxpayers, Brainerd and Baxter discussed a hike in the state sales tax. Baxter wants a half-cent hike to 7 percent to pay for the demands in city infrastructure.


  • 30 years ago (1989)

The owner of the Manhattan Beach Supper Club, 30 miles north of Brainerd, that burned down more than four years ago, had a part in setting the fire and should not receive the $937,000 insurance claim he sought. A federal jury returned the verdict.


  • 40 years ago (1979)

(Photo) Scott LeDoux, the Fighting Frenchman from Deerwood, joins boxing promoter Don King and opponent Ron Lyle in Las Vegas to publicize their upcoming heavyweight bout set for May 12. Lyle was recently acquitted of second-degree murder charges.


  • 60 years ago (1959)

Development of a ski run and winter sports area on the west side of Gull Lake near the forestry tower seems probable due to the interest of Bill Harris of Ft. Worth, Texas. His development, Birch Bay, is being built on the site of an old turkey farm, and will include a 9-hole golf course.


  • 80 years ago (1939)

The sum of $5,800 left in a safe deposit box by a deceased Ironton man was claimed both by the man's widow and his brother. Each made a reasonable claim to the money, but a jury of seven women and five men today awarded the funds to the brother as he had keys to the box.


  • 100 years ago (1919)

(Adv.) After you listen to the Easter sermon, go to Garvey's Restaurant for your Easter Dinner! Cream of tomato soup, celery and sliced tomatoes, creamed shrimp on toast, roast lamb with mint sauce, mashed potatoes, peas and salad. Finish with strawberry shortcake. Price: 45 cents.