20 years ago (1999)

Five people will be inducted into the Warrior Athletic Hall of Fame at the All-Sports Banquet on May 3. They are: Trend Fields, a state hurdles champ; Ron Falenschek, a 6-11 basketball star; Willy Severson, long-time swim coach; and at-large inductees Bob Gross and Darlys Every.

30 years ago (1989)

Officers of Amer. National Bank have served notice on the city demanding Brainerd make good on notes that it had guaranteed for Colin Hall's bus project at BITC. A $325,000 note came due April 1 and a $350,000 note on April 17. The city's EDA guaranteed $700,000, with the other $25,000 in dispute.

40 years ago (1979)

Attendees at the annual Warrior All-Sports Banquet were in the dark in several ways last night. Dawn Clabo, female athlete of the year for her swimming and track honors, was home with the measles. Male athlete-of-the-year Craig Holm couldn't be seen because the power went out before he was announced.

60 years ago (1959)

A Brainerd couple living near Rice Lake had their sleep interrupted when a car crashed into their house this morning at 3:30 a.m. The car came through their front door and into the kitchen, narrowly missing the bedroom in which they were sleeping. The driver is charged with drunk driving.

80 years ago (1939)

Four children, ranging in age from one to seven, died today in an early morning blaze which leveled the tar paper shack in which their family lived. The parents are badly burned and at St. Joseph's Hospital. A benefit dance to raise funds is being planned.

100 years ago (1919)

Pvt. Frank Wickham, of Deerwood, had been on the front lines in France and not been heard from for months. Letters from his family were either unanswered or returned. His family gave him up for dead and was in mourning. The other night, Pvt. Wickham popped off the train and walked into the family house.