20 years ago (1999)

County commissioners held a public hearing to consider revision of slow / no wake zones at Sunrise Island in Crosslake, at Stewart’s Bay on Pelican and on a section of the Pine River. The most argument came on Sunrise Island, with a number of residents noting frustration with county policies.

30 years ago (1989)

Consistency is something that golfers strive for, and Arla Bollig personifies it. Bollig beat Darlene Palmer 3-and-2 to win her fifth Brainerd Golf Club women’s title. She won her first title in 1979, then back-to-back titles in 1983 and 1984, before winning last year and today.

40 years ago (1979)

A world-class swimmer has been working out in the Brainerd High School pool while on vacation. John Simons, 18, son of Dr. John Simons of Phoenix, will compete in the World Championships in Japan, Sept. 1-3. As a high school senior, Simons set a national record in the 200 IM.

60 years ago (1959)

(Adv.) Held over for its second week, but must end Saturday! See “South Pacific” in all its sound and glory on our new, huge screen and stereo sound system at the Paramount Theatre. Nineteen people have seen it 6 times, 161 have seen it 5 times. You should see it at least once.

80 years ago (1939)

Despite war clouds on the horizon in Europe, Brainerd’s world-traveling Joe Marchel is believed to be in Paris and hopes to still go to Germany. His last letter was mailed from the Isle of Guernsey in the English Channel. Marchel and his two companions gave up on trying to visit Poland.

100 years ago (1919)

Mr. and Mrs. Zakariasen just returned from Virginia, Minn. where they drove to visit their two daughters. Mr. Zakariasen says that in the 230 mile roundtrip they did not encounter any roads as bad as the stretch of Oak Street from 6th to 19th Streets.