20 years ago (1999)

In a 4-2 vote, the city council said it will not require the owner of the Lakeview Mobile Home Park near Rice lake to pay relocation expenses when he closes it, but did extend the timeline until Dec. 1, 2000. There are currently 17 tenants. Typically, outstate closures do not require expenses.

30 years ago (1989)

James Koerper, who has been president and CEO of St. Joseph's Medical Center, said he will resign in 10 days. He said it was for personal reasons and the hospital board said it came as a complete surprise. He will also resign as president of the Brainerd EDA.

40 years ago (1979)

Dan Palen is angry at Iran. And he's angry at the people of Brainerd because they aren't. The 17-year-old vo-tech student stood in a cold wind in front of the court house with a flag and placards that said “Let our people go!” The 20 students who said they'd join him never showed up.

60 years ago (1959)

The end of the deer season spelled relief for Sheriff Al Krueger. Nine hunters were reported lost and search parties had to be organized. There were no fatalties, but one boy was shot in the foot and a man died of a heart attack. Krueger resolved several disputes over possession of a deer.

80 years ago (1939)

The state attorney general may lend a hand in prosecuting the 74 defendants in 202 separate slot machine cases set for district court. County attorney Franklin Ebner sent him a letter saying he simply couldn't handle all those cases along with the 62 civil cases set for this term of court.

100 years ago (1919)

A district court jury in the case of Brainerd vs. Thomas Beare has awarded him a sum of $4,200 for the land the city has taken to place its water wells. That is $550 more than the appraisers had allowed. Two St. Paul market gardeners testified to its value for raising cabbages.