20 years ago (1999)

A Northeast Brainerd woman says she was humiliated in front of her neighbors when deputies forced her from her car and onto her knees and handcuffed her after she returned home from work. Deputies were continuing to search for two men who escaped from the county jail.

30 years ago (1989)

Firefighters reported that a pickup lost the trailer it was pulling as it passed the ICO Gas Station on Washington St. The trailer rolled into the station, struck a pump and knocked it off its foundation, starting a fire in the pump. The driver used an extinguisher from the station to put out the fire.

40 years ago (1979)

The Brainerd High School choir has been invited to Lincolnshire, England next July to perform in the international “Boston Festival.” Choir director Tom Rossin told the school board it would be a “high honor,” especially since Brainerd would be the only American choir invited.

60 years ago (1959)

Ray Krueger, 46, a 25-year veteran of the Minn Highway Patrol, died after a two-car collision on Hwy 210, about 200 yards east of the Gull River bridge. He is the first member of the patrol ever to die in an auto crash. Krueger will be remembered as a great basketball star at C-I High School.

80 years ago (1939)

The Iowa Hawkeyes trounced the Minnesota Gophers on the gridiron at Iowa City but it was the fog that defeated Brainerd's flying brothers, Sigurd and Guy Flaata. Trying to get to the game, they were grounded by dense fog in Waterloo. They listened to the game by radio as they flew home.

100 years ago (1919)

The purchase of a car for the visiting school and city nurse has been ordered and it is expected to be delivered this week. Money has been pledged enough to pay for it, but the fund drive will continue to try to raise enough for maintenance for a year if possible.