20 years ago (2000)

Sport anglers on Lake Mille Lacs will have 40 percent fewer pounds of walleyes available to them than in 1999. The total quota will be 370,000 pounds, of which 70,000 goes to Ojibwe band members and 300,000 to sport anglers. In 1999 the numbers were 550,000 pounds total, 55,000 to the bands and 495,000 for public.

30 years ago (1990)

Lyle Niemeyer, bowling in the 6 p.m. Saturday shift of the Brainerd Men's Tournament, rolled just the third sanctioned 300 game in Brainerd history. Lyle said by the 9th frame he was so nervous he couldn't feel his legs. The other two official 300 games were by Bill Katus in 1944, and by Curly Olson in 1976.

40 years ago (1980)

(Photo) Office manager Joyce Caughey of the Dispatch had the feeling of “cash power” when she distributed the $22,000 two-week payroll in the form of $2 bills. The promotion is to show the effect of one company's payroll in the community. As employees spend the unusual bills, merchants will see how the money turns over.

60 years ago (1960)

Mike Garvey of north Brainerd has invented and patented a rural mailbox support which, when struck by a vehicle, returns to its normal position. It works well but orders are only trickling in, despite listings in major catalogs like Sears. If sales don't improve Garvey may lose his house.

80 years ago (1940)

Brainerd's contribution to the relief of war-torn Finland jumped to $696 today after Finnish religious groups here took up a $359 collection added to the $337 already collected by the Dispatch. The money will be used by former President Hoover for food and clothing for the Finns who have been invaded by the Soviets.

100 years ago (1920)

A telegram received by Mr. and Mrs. C.B. White told them that their son, Gene, had been honorably discharged from the Navy, where he had served in the minesweeper fleet. His ship, the “Bobolink,” was blown up but Gene survived. He is expected home early next week.