MAY 25

20 years ago (2000)

(Photo) Marty Batura of Worldwide Aircraft Recovery in Nebraska worked on the tail section of the Mitchell B-25 bomber that has been on display at the Paul Bunyan Center since 1962. The vintage aircraft will be moved to Seattle and replaced at the center with a Vietnam-era helicopter.

30 years ago (1990)

For Brainerd's Shawn Reynolds, it's two down and one to go. Already the conference shot put champ, he tossed it 48-6 to win the sub-region tourney and looks forward to the Region 8AA soon. Warrior head coach Mark Embretson said Reynolds has been popping his throws around 50 feet in practice.

40 years ago (1980)

The hard-pressed Brainerd High School choir still will have its European concert tour next week, thanks to a $7,975 last-minute bailout by the school board. The choir thought they had the needed $68,000 in hand until the state pulled summer school recognition, and with it $11,500 in state funding.

60 years ago (1960)

Bar Harbor opens for the summer on May 27, and with some changes. The former dance hall will be operated as a supper club, and teenagers will not be admitted since alcohol will be served. A new dance floor has been laid and big bands such as Woody Herman and Glenn Miller are being booked on weekends.

80 years ago (1940)

Ranks of licensed pilots in Brainerd swelled today when John Schaefer, Brainerd, and Charles Wolford, Crosby, passed their exams. George Fairfield, instructor at the local pilot school, also won re-rating as a qualified instructor. There are three other local pilots and four more will take exams in June.

100 years ago (1920)

Women of the land are protesting the lengthening of women's skirts. The change means the purchase of new suits and an increase in the cost of living. All Brainerd area women are invited to meet at the Chamber of Commerce to organize opposition to longer skirts. The meeting will be short.