20 years ago (2000)

Sally Ihne announced earlier this month that this would be her final year at the helm of Central Lakes College as she moves to retirement. The two-year college has seen many changes during her 18 years in the top job, including the 1995 merger with Brainerd and Staples Tech Colleges and the $24 million addition a year later.

30 years ago (1990)

Not only automobile drivers are feeling the gas price crunch caused by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf. Sue Goldberg, manager of Brainerd Oil Co. says the price of heating oil was 75 cents a gallon in July and has risen 25 cents since then. “I've got a lot of angry customers,” she said, “but there's nothing we can do.”

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40 years ago (1980)

Brainerd's most prominent fluoride foe over the years has been Irene Johnson, and last night she told the Water and Light board that she would never pay her water bill as long as fluoride is in the water.”It'll be a cold day in hell when I pay my bill,” said Johnson. “It'll probably be when I kick the bucket and my kids have to pay it.”

60 years ago (1960)

(Adv.) At the Brainerd Theatre it's the World Premiere showing of “Let's Make Love,” starring Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand, and featuring Tony Randall. At the Paramount see Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock's “Psycho.” No one will be admitted after the performance starts.

80 years ago (1940)

Brainerd's tank corps unit of the National Guard 34th Division will begin a year of intensive training at Camp Lewis near Seattle, Wash. some time in September, according to unconfirmed reports. The unit, which just returned from exercises at Camp Ripley, will move out as soon as the president signs the National Guard Bill.

100 years ago (1920)

Brainerd certainly has rough streets. The other day a motorist advertised in the Dispatch that he had lost a Ford tail light, his license plate and a spare tire while driving on Oak Street. It is needless to say that he also lost his temper.