20 years ago (2000)

(Photo) For more than half a century, John Cluever has been cutting hair. The owner of John's North-East Barber Shop on Washington Street, he's been doing it for 52 years – 30 at his current site. He only works part-time now, but at 78, he's the oldest barber in town.

30 years ago (1990)

He might be hard of hearing and walk slowly, but he's not complaining and he's full of zest. Pete Gaustad will celebrate his 102nd birthday tomorrow at Bethany Good Samaritan in Brainerd. He likes living there but would rather be at home, because they won't let him use power tools. Gaustad is a long-time woodworker.

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40 years ago (1980)

(Photo) A horse owned by Mr. and Mrs. Dick Price was tied to a corral fence by vandals last night in such manner that it strangled to death. The rope was put around the 2-1/2-year-old filly with a slip knot. The vandals stole a bucket of oats from a neighbors farm and used it to entice the horse to them. A second horse was found tied but unharmed.

60 years ago (1960)

The Jelacics of Brainerd are rugged customers, as Indiana backs may find when they meet the Gophers in the Minnesota home opener on Oct. 1. Jon Jelacic, Gopher captain in 1957, has moved on to professional football, but brother Steve, a 210-pounder, is now the No. 2 left guard.

80 years ago (1940)

Mrs. Bessie Rosinski was attacked at her home on Willow Street last night, the assailant cutting through a locked screen door to gain entrance. She was told not to “holler.” She tried to turn on the lights to identify the man, and was cut on the eye and hand and had several teeth knocked loose. Police later caught the culprit.

100 years ago (1920)

(Adv.) Notice to Public: Prices on electric ranges are set by the manufacturer, not by a merchant like us. Now that the City of Brainerd has arranged to supply ranges to citizens at cost, we will sell what we have and retire from the electric range business, as we cannot continue in business without a profit. Northern Home Furnishing Co.