20 years ago (2000)

The city council took actions regarding hunting and snowmobiling last night. They voted to allow rifle hunting in the city in outlying areas zoned for agriculture, and not closer than 500 feet from buildings. The council will also allow snowmobiling at all hours of the day, except for two designated trails.

30 years ago (1990)

Brainerd city officials have run into yet another snag in their efforts to purchase the former National Guard Armory at 5th and Laurel Streets. The city, which is still waiting on an agreement for asbestos removal, now learns that there is an old underground oil tank, and that the Guard doesn't intend to remove it.

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40 years ago (1980)

Baxter Mayor Stan Smith today called for an immediate halt to the dumping of hazardous chemicals into a small pond near the BN Railroad tie-treating plant. He expressed anger that the Minn. PCA had not informed Baxter of the issue. PCA officials say that no wells tested in the area show any evidence of hazardous waste.

60 years ago (1960)

Hunting success on opening day at Camp Ripley was so successful that the 2,382 archers nearly doubled the entire October hunt total from last year, bringing down 104 deer. They took another 39 deer yesterday, the largest of the weekend being a 218-pound buck taken by a St. Paul hunter.

80 years ago (1940)

Registration cards and other materials for the selective service draft were received by F.M. Hagberg, county auditor. Draft registration for males ages 21 to 35 will be on Oct. 16, and it is expected that 15 percent of the county population will be affected – or about 5,000 men.

100 years ago (1920)

The Ford service station of the Woodhead Motor Co. was broken into and robbed last night. An auto top, several tires and accessories were taken, as was $30 from the cash drawer. Woodhead Motor is offering a $100 reward, and insurance company detectives are on the job and working with police.