20 years ago (2000)

Book lovers will once again be able to find treasures at the Westgate Mall beginning in November. Book World, with its home base in Appleton, Wisc., will be opening in the space vacated by the abrupt closing of River Nith Coffee and Books in May. Liz Hassler will be store manager and is hiring 8-10 employees.

30 years ago (1990)

The winner was named without fanfare as Brainerd Community Action announced that Tom Isle was its 1990 Citizen of the Year, based on his many contributions to the Brainerd area. “I don't know what to say. I'm at a loss for words,” said Isle. People perhaps know him best as coordinator of the 4th of July celebration the past five years.

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40 years ago (1980)

For 15 years the court house “carillon bells” chimed, pealing out their music and marking the day's passage from the court house roof. Nine years ago the bells stopped. The only man that knew how to play them, the Rev. E.G. Barrow of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, retired and left town.

60 years ago (1960)

Ron Valentino, hard-driving C-I halfback leads the Central 6 Conference in scoring with 10 TDs for 60 points. That puts him in the chase for the 110-point mark set last year by his teammate Mike Doshan, now playing for Iowa. Top Warrior is Dale Brown, who has four TDs and three extra points for 27 points.

80 years ago (1940)

A live mallard rests today in a pen at the home of Fred Backen, Brainerd, after he and Glen Nelson spent three unsuccessful hours duck hunting yesterday. The boys were heading home when they saw the duck walking down a small road. Backen made a flying leap and grabbed the duck. They aren't sure they can bring themselves to eat it.

100 years ago (1920)

It was a miracle that city nurse Eula Michael escaped death yesterday afternoon at the Quince Street railway crossing. She did not see or hear the train until her car was on the tracks. She speeded up just enough so that the train hit only the rear of her car, tearing away a fender.