20 years ago (2001)

A missing person's case turned into a murder investigation when a body discovered near Breezy Point was identified as that of Rachel Anthony, who went missing in Pine River in February. The county coroner determined the cause of death to be “asphyxia due to homicidal violence.” There are no clues as to the perpetrator.

30 years ago (1991)

Franklin Junior High School has been awarded a three-year grant of $566,000 by the RJR Nabisco Foundation. The school staff says it will allow them to make changes in three years that would have taken 10 years due to lack of funding. The grant was one of 15 made nationwide, and was the only one awarded in Minnesota.

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40 years ago (1981)

Vandals slashed tires on two more vehicles last night in a continuing tire-slashing spree in the area. Both vehicles were parked at the Brainerd Holiday Inn. Previously, the vandals slashed tires on two cars parked behind the Blue Ox in downtown Brainerd, one car parked on Maple Street and one at John's Tavern on Oak Street.

60 years ago (1961)

An Ironton man, 26, accidentally shot himself in the arm while he, a male friend and two women were practice shooting in a gravel pit last night at 10:45. The man was showing how he could “twirl” a gun on his index finger when he shot himself. He was treated and released at St. Joseph's Hospital.

80 years ago (1941)

With the company and union officials still firm in their stands, the strike against Brainerd Bus Lines continued today, increasing business for the cab company and forcing more people to walk. Company co-owner Ray Evenson is charged in court with assaulting one of the five drivers who are on strike, a charge he vehemently denies.

100 years ago (1921)

The nurses' home of St. Joseph's Hospital, owned by the Benedictine Sisters of Duluth, was totally destroyed by fire at noon today. The building was two stories high, had ten rooms and was located just north of the hospital on the Mississippi. Time was lost as the fire department first went to N. 9th Street instead of N. 4th Street.