20 years ago (2001)

Mary Benson of north Brainerd firmly supports causes she believes in, whether protesting the Vietnam War while in college or volunteering at the Soup Kitchen. The soft spoken mother of four could be serving six months in prison if convicted of entering Fort Benning in Georgia while protesting a training school there.

30 years ago (1991)

Three visitors from Brainerd's sister city – Leksand, Sweden – visited utility plants and schools here today and were impressed. Tomorrow they will visit malls to hunt for Levis, cameras and telephones. Ingrid Anderson, a Brainerd transplant from Sweden, hosted the group.

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40 years ago (1981)

(Adv.) Try our Daily Specials! Monday: Double Cheeseburger and Fries - $1.55; Tuesday: Double Burger and Fries - $1.45; Wednesday: Chili and Grilled Cheese - $1.55; Thursday: Cheeseburger and Fries - $1.20; Friday: Fish and Chips - $1.50. Lou's Dairy Way – 1202 S. 6th Street.

60 years ago (1961)

A four-lane expressway, bypassing Brainerd from Hwy 371 near Barrows, and running north to the Hwy 210-271 junction at Paul Bunyan Center, is included in the 10-year construction program of the state highway department. The four-mile stretch of road would cost $1.6 million and would include a bridge over the Mississippi.

80 years ago (1941)

Homer Whiting, chief forester in the Brainerd area, has a warning for the boys who are continually using .22 rifles to shoot out the windows at the top of the fire tower on Ahrens Hill. “In order to stop this destruction, we intend to prosecute the next offender,” Whiting said. This would mean going to court.

100 years ago (1921)

The Whittier elementary school basketball team defeated the Harrison team in a battle royal, the score being 28 to 2. Whittier was humiliated by being scoreless for eight minutes, but soon woke up. Harrison had good teamwork but was handicapped by their inability to shoot baskets.


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