20 years ago (2001)

UPI announced today that 30 positions have been announced for layoffs as a result of its sale to BISYS Group. They will come in redundant positions between the two firms, with 25 of them being offered other positions. UPI currently employs 480, with 460 in this area. BISYS employs 4,500 nationwide.

30 years ago (1991)

Brainerd will begin prosecuting its own misdemeanor crimes this week, and a prosecutor will be hired for the process. The city council turned down an offer from county attorney Jack Graham to prosecute the crimes and give two-thirds of the proceeds to the city. Previously, Graham's office had kept two-thirds of the fine proceeds.

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40 years ago (1981)

Brainerd merchants have been asked for many donations, but few as strange as a plea for cash to buy drugs and stolen property. The cash went to local law enforcement for three months of undercover buys, and the result was today's early morning raid that put nine suspects behind bars.

60 years ago (1961)

Fergus Falls pitching tossed 12 strikeouts against the Warriors to bring Brainerd's quest for a region title to a close, 3-2. Fergus scored all three runs in the second without a hit. Brainerd rallied in the seventh for two runs and had the tying run on first when the game ended.

80 years ago (1941)

It was 45 years ago a 23-year-old Brainerd man returned from earning his medical degree at the Univ. of Minn. and went into practice with pioneer doctor J.L. Camp. Dr. John Thabes, Sr., still practices today at 68, probably the longest streak in Minnesota, and the hale and hearty doctor, blessed with good health, has no intention of retiring.

100 years ago (1921)

The half section of Oak Street from Broadway (8th) to 6th Streets is now open for traffic. Riches and Sons, the paving contractors, have paved from the east end of Oak Street near the city limits, westward to 13th Street.