20 years ago (2001)

A rift in Morrison County Democrats surfaced when an associate chair of the DFL party said she didn't trust the DFL party's candidate on her abortion stand and will vote for the Republican candidate in the House District 12-B race. Clara Kedrowski, a self-described “one-issue politician,” said didn't trust her candidate's pro-life remarks.

30 years ago (1991)

(Photo) Hank Hanson says he's one of the Minn. Twins biggest fans. “I must be . . . I weigh 280 pounds,” he joked. His Meyer Cleaners business has memorabilia everywhere. He attended the first Twins game in 1961 and saw one of the World Series games in 1965 when the Twins lost to the Dodgers. And he attend all 1987 home World Series games.

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40 years ago (1981)

(Adv.) We're more than just steak! Our “Sandwich Board” features: Seawich – Golden filets of fish on a roll; Crown Prince – Smoked ham topped with Swiss or cheddar; Cheeese Steak – Cube steak topped with onions and Swiss; Nutty Chicken – Almond chicken salad topped with bacon bits. Mr. Steak – Brainerd.

60 years ago (1961)

It was a battle of free-wheeling offenses as the Warrior football team jumped to a 20-0 first quarter lead, only to see C-I storm back. The final was Brainerd by 34-25. Halfback Bob Rofidal ran for 96 yards and 2 TDs while passing 37 yards for another score, while fullback Dale Brown gained 181 yards and two TDs on 20 carries.

80 years ago (1941)

(Photo) Lt. Gov. C. Elmer Anderson and wife Lillian of Brainerd were seriously injured in a car crash just north of Little Falls at 9:00 this morning when their car skidded on wet pavement and hit the ditch, rolling three times. The car was badly damaged. C. Elmer is in fair condition with broken hip, pelvis and ribs. Lillian is unconscious and lies near death in hospital.

100 years ago (1921)

The threat of a national railway strike on Oct. 30 has put Brainerd merchants on guard, and they have stocked up on necessities. Groceries like flour, sugar and bacon are in good supply. Enough coal is on hand to last 90 days with rationing. Gasoline, however, will probably see just a 30 day supply on hand.