20 years ago (2001)

Russell Swearingen, 87, of Deerwood, one of the area's few remaining survivors of the Bataan Death march, passed away yesterday at CRMC in Crosby. He was a maintenance officer for the Stuart Light Tanks which Co. A, 194th Tank Battalion used on the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines in WWII.

30 years ago (1991)

Gull River property owners have formed an association to protest what they believe is a pollution threat from the new East Gull Lake sewage system. The city of EGL was permitted last year to discharge effluent into the river from its two sewage treatment facilities. The effluent must meet strict MPCA standards.

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40 years ago (1981)

It's not the yards you gain that count, it's the final score of the football game that matters. Brainerd Community College proved that as they gained 301 total yards to Mesabi's 190, and had 16 first downs to 10 for the Norsemen. But the score came out 27-6 for Mesabi in a snowstorm on a cold and windy game-day.

60 years ago (1961)

(Adv.) For laughs and good fun, see “Come September” at the Paramount Theatre. Starring Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. Now showing at the Brainerd Theatre it's “Loss of Innocence,” with Kenneth More and Danielle Darrieux.

80 years ago (1941)

William D. Junkin,77, publisher of the Dispatch, died yesterday of a heart attack. The veteran newspaperman, who had been an executive on papers in Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado. Junkin had been fishing – his favorite sport – with good friend Roy Zierke on Gull Lake just before he died. They had caught 10 walleyes.

100 years ago (1921)

Legionnaires from Brainerd who will attend the national convention of the American legion in Kansas City will leave Oct. 29 for Minneapolis. They will join the American Legion Special train that leaves the next morning. The railroad has granted a rate of one cent per mile, meaning a round trip from Brainerd is just $13.59.