Greg Hight and Joe Haley Publish in an Academic Journal


The Journal of Investing published “Low-Risk Benchmarking Transcends Rebalancing Methods” in its February 2021 issue. The Journal is a quarterly academic peer-reviewed publication with domestic and international authorship. The research article reported comparisons of investment portfolio rebalancing methods. The study discovered performance improved when rebalancing methods benchmarked a low-risk model. This outcome corroborates other research, but it also disrupts the traditional understanding of the risk-return relationship. The research used state-of-the-art analytical methods including bootstrapping, estimated shortfall, factor analysis, and simulation. Before the turn of the century, some of these analytical methods had been conceived but mostly used only in experimental applications; our growing computing power enabled their practical applications to finance. Mr. Hight owns Hight Capital Management, Inc. in Baxter. Dr. Haley is professor and Chair of the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Department in the Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State University.