Brainerd Community Action on Friday, Jan. 15, announced its selections for the first Community Empowerment Fund.

“We are excited to kick off the new year by joining forces with these community driven programs and the individuals behind them to make a difference in our area. We are honored to be a part of helping this wide breadth of ideas and hope to help set them down the road of achieving their community driven goals,” said Community Action Executive Director Dave Badeaux, in a news release.

Brainerd Community Action accepted applications from all forms of groups/organizations in the fall of 2020 that were looking to provide services or fill needs that fit their mission to build community, empower people to overcome adversity and promote self-sufficiency.

Included in the groups selected to receive funding are parks and recreation departments, community centers and schools, neighborhood associations, as well as local churches. In all, 14 projects were selected to receive funding which equals $7,000 altogether.

Those dollars will be used to help secure further funding for these projects that run the spectrum from family services, health and wellness, books for children, and community meal distribution.

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Further details on the individual groups and their projects will be released in the coming weeks on Community Action’s social media pages.

For more information on participating in this program or to donate to Brainerd Community Action’s cause visit

“This really has been a great process and we couldn’t be happier with the candidates we saw this year. This is exactly what we as an organization want to be highlighting in our community. These programs will reach areas and issues that will better the lives of individuals right here in the Brainerd lakes,” Badeaux said.