Stories of Christmas: Honorable Mention, Kids

Several stories were submitted this year for the Brainerd Dispatch’s 31st annual Stories of Christmas contest.

Moo-wy Christmas!

“Mom! Dad! Wake up! It’s Christmas!” yelled 3-year-old Jenny at 2 a.m. “Go back to bed, Jenny. We still have two more hours until we have to get up to take care of the cows,” said Dad sleepily. “Okay,” said Jenny.

Two hours later...

“Oh my goodness! Look at all of those calves out there! It’s Christmas Day! We don’t have time for all of this!” said Mom.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Caughey set to work. They hauled all of the calves to the barn which took them one hour. Then they milked the cows which took them three more hours. “No kidding! It’s 8 a.m. already!" said Dad.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Caughey fed all of the calves. They put the calves into the hutches. When they finished that, it was noon.


“Oh no! We had a Christmas party to go to today!" Then the Caugheys had to feed the older calves which took them another hour.

“Oh no! The kids!” yelled Mom. “They have got to be starving! They didn’t get any breakfast or lunch! We need to feed them!" So Mom and Dad went inside looking terrible. The Caugheys ate lunch. They had hot dogs on the grill. Afterward they went to a Christmas party. They played and visited with their aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas and cousins.

They got home at 4 p.m. The very minute that Mr. and Mrs. Caughey walked in the barn, every single cow had a calf at the same time.

“Not again! We already did this!” said Mrs. Caughey. They took care of the calves, milked the cows and went inside.

“Present time!” said Mr. Caughey. That was when they heard it.

“Mom, Dad, your Christmas present was a bunch of baby calves,” said Jenny’s twin, Emmy.

Clare Caughey

Fort Ripley, Age 8

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