Stories of Christmas: Kids’ Division, 2nd Place

Several stories were submitted this year for the Brainerd Dispatch’s 31st annual Stories of Christmas contest.

Elf in Training

One December day, Santa was getting ready for Christmas. He was taking another flying sleigh test because his license was expired.

Suddenly, Rudolph turned the wrong way and Santa fell out of the sleigh.

“Oh no!” Tim the elf shouted.

Santa was injured badly and was in a coma. Christmas is in three days!

“Santa, wake up!” yelled Larry the elf.


“It's Christmas Eve! We either wake Santa up or we have to find someone else to deliver the presents,” said Tim.

“SANTA WAKE UP, PLEASE!” yelled the elves, but Santa didn’t.

The elves decided they better find someone to deliver presents. They thought they found the perfect person, Johnny the elf, to make Santa’s deliveries but it turns out, Johnny was the clumsiest elf they’d ever seen.

“Johnny? You home, buddy?” asked Larry. CRASH!

“You sure he’s the perfect guy?” Larry asked.

“I’m sure,” said Tim.

“OK?” said Larry.

“Oh, hey Johnny. We need you to deliver the presents,” said Tim.


“ Me?!” said Johnny. “Thank you!”

“Let’s start training!” said Tim.

Five hours later…

“I’m ready!” said Johnny.

“Presents, check; all the reindeer, check,” said Larry, while he was making sure everything was ready to go.

“Ready!” said Johnny. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Oh no!” cried Johnny. “The sack isn’t tied! Stop reindeer! OK, let’s tie it. There. Check, check and check.”

Johnny and the reindeer took off into the night sky and delivered more presents.


“Yay! Only about 3 billion more,” Johnny happily said.

“How does Santa do this?”

Many hours later Johnny came to the last house.


“Great...I woke the dog. Shh, go to bed!”


“Be quiet,” Johnny whispered, as he placed the presents under the tree.

“Present for you, a present for you...done and done!”


It was a long night for Johnny but he got the job done so he and the reindeer headed back to the North Pole.

“Well, well, well, look who’s back. Santa! You’re better!” Johnny said with excitement.

“Yep!” said Santa. “So, how was it?”

“Pretty good,” said Johnny.

“I got something for you; it’s outside.” Santa told Johnny. “Open it!”

Johnny tore off the wrapping paper. “Wow! My very own sleigh! Thank you so much!” cried Johnny.

All the elves cheered for Johnny and then they had a wonderful Christmas dinner made by Mrs. Claus.

Jake Erickson


Baxter, Age 9 1/2

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