This Was Brainerd - Aug. 10

A look through the Brainerd Dispatch archives with Terry McCollough combing the microfilm for tidbits of history through the decades going back to 1922.

Late 1800s logging camp.


20 years ago (2002)

It was seven years since Brainerd last made a trip to the American Legion state baseball tournament. And before Brainerd knew it, it was over. Facing N. St. Paul, second-ranked team in the state, Brainerd led 2-0 into the final inning, only to give up three runs for the loss. In their second game they were steamrolled 19-1 by Hopkins.

30 years ago (1992)

Jon Haapajoki of rural Brainerd has been named executive director of the Brainerd Lakes Area Chamber. Haapajoki says he starts on Sept. 8 but will be getting some early work done first. He is a member of the school board and a rep for a farm equipment company. Tom Kotula, president of the chamber board, says there were 82 applications.


40 years ago (1982)

A man being held by Minneapolis Police for making terroristic threats was escorted to Brainerd to show county law enforcement the site where he said he had hidden military grade explosives. Sheriffs deputy Skip Rudquist said he found enough TNT and detonators to destroy a car, plus “booby trap” devices.

60 years ago (1962)

Cleaver Thayer, 72, who drove for the first time (illegally) in Chicago when he was 10, and hasn't had more than a scratched fender since (not his fault), will be honored as the “Safe Driver of the Century” by the St. Paul Auto Club next week. Thayer and his wife live near Merrifield and he still drives daily.

80 years ago (1942)

The consolidation of at least two Brainerd schools (Garfield and Lowell) and closing of kindergarten in Brainerd schools will be discussed at a special school board meeting to curtail expenses next year. Supt. Ferrell said the board is short four grade school teachers, two at the junior high and two more at the high school.

100 years ago (1922)

A general strike of the big four railroad transportation unions is threatened, and that would mean 2 million men walking off the job. They say this is due to threats made against them by railroad guards, and the danger of working on poorly maintained equipment. All railroad shopmen are already on strike, including the 1,200 at Brainerd's NP Railroad shops.


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