This Was Brainerd - June 24

A look through the Brainerd Dispatch archives with Terry McCollough combing the microfilm for tidbits of history through the decades going back to 1922.

Six young boys pose for a photo in two rows wearing white shirts, dark pants, bowties and wearing badges on their shirts and their brimmed hats.
Children pose for a photo wearing badges on their shirts and hats.
Dispatch archives


20 years ago (2002)

“Crow Wing County is one of the hot spots of the state and the nation for Lyme disease,” said Joe Walz, St. Joseph's Medical Center emergency director. Stephanie Lastovich, an RN, never found a tick on her 12-year-old son, but found the distinctive bulls-eye rash two weeks ago. He also had headaches, fever and nausea before getting antibiotics.

30 years ago (1992)

Downtown business owners want more parking but they don't want to pay for it – and they definitely don't want to pay for it alone. That was the sentiment at a joint meeting of the Brainerd EDA and Brainerd Parking Commission. At issue is whether the city should purchase the burned out lots at 7th and Front Streets for a parking lot.


40 years ago (1982)

District Court Judge Clint Wyant yesterday ordered the county treasurer to accept fluoride foe Irene Johnson's tax payment – minus an assessment for her unpaid water bill – or “show cause” why he won't do so. Mrs. Johnson is represented by attorney Jack Graham, who says the order will allow both parties a full hearing in court.

60 years ago (1962)

Burglars made off with liquor worth between $1,400 and $1,500 in a break-in at Bar Harbor night club over the weekend. Seventeen cases were taken, but 14 were recovered after being stashed under an overturned boat on the shore of Gull Lake. The boat had not been used this summer.

80 years ago (1942)

Students in nine Brainerd schools consumed 16,698 half-pints of milk in May under the “penny milk” program sponsored by the federal government. Across the state in the same month, students in 119 schools consumed 423,982 half-pints.

100 years ago (1922)

At the city council session last night the new gas ordinance passed it's second reading and became law. This assures Brainerd of a resumption of the gas plant owned by the Brainerd Gas & Electric Co. This promises good service and reasonable rates for both residents and industry.


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