This Was Brainerd - May 11

A look through the Brainerd Dispatch archives with Terry McCollough combing the microfilm for tidbits of history through the decades going back to 1922.

Bernie's store exterior with the signs reading with Magnavox, stereo, radio, TV, antennas and towers.
Bernie's store exterior from what could be a shot from the 1970s.
Dispatch archives

MAY 11

20 years ago (2002)

Authorities yesterday were investigating a house explosion that killed an unnamed woman, age 72. Cass County Sheriff Randy Fisher said the blast was thought to have been caused by propane gas. The explosion completely demolished the home, damaged neighboring houses and was heard miles away.

30 years ago (1992)

There's some money in the school referendum to fix up Tornstrom Auditorium, and it needs it. The stage curtains are 35 years old and rotting; the stage floor is dotted with patches where the wood has broken and causes “soft spots”; the lighting system is so bad you can only use every other stage light or all the circuit breakers blow.


40 years ago (1982)

Sticks of dynamite that were found in the back seat of an old car parked at a Pine River residence were deemed to be too unstable and decomposed to move. Deputy “Skip” Rudquist, accompanied by a police officer and fire-fighting team, burned the dynamite and the car. “We lucked out,” he said, “ and there was no explosion.”

60 years ago (1962)

In the first thunderstorm of the season, lightning struck a Baxter home, causing heavy damage. It apparently struck a TV antenna, destroying it's circuit. It blasted two holes in the roof, split the sheetrock on two walls, blew a phone off the wall, started a fire in the attic and in a pillow in a bedroom. The family was at home, but is unharmed.

80 years ago (1942)

A Pine River man, whose worst offense seems to be intoxication and refusal to stay away from Brainerd, was sentenced to a year in the county jail today. He has been arrested 15 times and, when arrested this weekend, had three suspended 90-day sentences hanging over him. Judge Ebert combined all of them into the one year sentence.

100 years ago (1922)

(Adv.) Now Showing at the Lyceum Theatre! See Douglas Fairbanks in the greatest picture of his entire career. That famous Alexander Dumas novel of medieval France - “The Three Musketeers.” Due to the length of this 12-reeler, only two shows per day – 2:15 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.


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